Oluwatosin Adekannmbi is a Human Resource professional with over a decade of experience in Human Resources and administration both within and outside the country. Her passion to see people evolve and attain professional excellence and also toTosin Adekambi see organizations succeed with their internal client is the driving force for choosing a career in Human Resources. She has worked in both private and public sector, large and medium sized organization to ensure compliance with employment law, talent management and prioritizing of developmental and training opportunities for internal client. She’s an avid believer in the school of thought that the core values of professionalism and excellence are learnt behaviors and with the right system and support in place internal clients within any organization can learn and deploy these core values to stand out and win in a competitive marketplace.
Oluwatosin has a Masters Degree in occupational psychology. She is a graduate member of the British Psychology Society UK and also an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development UK. She is an avid reader of self help books addressing management and leadership topics. Her life Mantra is you can evolve through every experience and rise to be a better version of yourself daily.