We offer HR consulting services in 3 ways

  1. HR Advisory services
  2. Outsourced activity function
  3. HR support services

HR Advisory Services

Here, we are invited into an organisation for an assessment and then we offer recommendations for improvement in different areas to drive productivity. Some of our tools/strategies include;

  • Gap analysis
  • Competency checks
  • Performance management system analysis.
  • Assessment of existing policies and procedures
  • Analysis of existing organisational structure.


Outsourced Activity Function

This has to do with a re-assignment of an in-house activity to be handled by our team. This could be for various reasons like;

  1. Need for expertise
  2. Need for objectivity
  3. Need for confidentiality
  4. Need for management to focus on core business and therefore outsource other functions. etc

These functions include;

Recruitment and Selection

We have a large and established candidate pipeline; hence, we can track down the very best candidates for even the most hard-to-fill positions, ensuring that the candidate has the required skill-set for the position.

Training and Development

As every system on earth is only as good as its knowledge base. Manpower development is the key to every successful business. Continuous improvement is non-negotiable for every forward thinking organisation.

We take you from where you are to where you want to be. We develop training options, which are tailored to meet specific needs of the organization. These are based on an in-depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance and what the organization wishes to achieve. We don’t stop at training, we follow-up to ensure that development takes place.

We also handle customized trainings for organizations; we have a network of partners who are trained professionals with a wealth of experience holding the appropriate certifications to train in various fields, we therefore have competences to handle trainings generic to your organization

Succession Planning

Every organisation that intends to outlive its owner must consciously put measures in place to groom and grow successors for middle management and senior management positions. We help you look inward, identify potentials and groom them towards filling those strategic roles.

Career Planning/Progression

The high performing employee wants to know that his/her career is going somewhere, so knowing the recognized career growth progression is imperative for his continued commitment to an organized. We help map out career growth paths for different positions in your organisation to ensure you retain the 21st century high performing employee.

Organisational Development

Identifying that today's HR role is more strategic than operational and administrative, our team in achieving this strategic planning process will carefully analyze these 3 questions: · Where is the company now? · Where does the company want to go? · How will the company get there?

HR Administration

We could manage and render services in a full range of HR administration core function which include; HR advisory, Strategic HR management (strategy formulation, development and implementation), Employee Engagement, workforce planning, Job analysis, Change Management, HR Ethics and Professional Standards, Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory, Health Safety and Security Advisory and training.


HR Support Services

We provide HR support services to small, medium and large sized businesses in all sectors. These services include: Performance Management, Recruiting and Selection, Training and Development, HR Advisory, Retreats, HR policies and Procedures.