Cross Cultural Training for expatriates Pre-departure cross cultural training for expatriates on short term and long term assignments (CCT).

The fast globalization of economies in the past decade has resulted in companies pursuing more and more international operations. In the last century, emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China have gained fast economic growth and the Western companies, even African companies have acknowledged their potentials. However, developing long - term business relationships and gaining market share in these economies might not be quite simple.

It is important to train the expatriates who are in the front line of international business interactions but with the impact of living in an unfamiliar, sometimes unsafe and remote place without the comfort of being in his or her home country is before the employee and his or her family. How does the couple cope with the challenges of leaving their home country? What is the process of successfully adjusting to the host country?

The CCT training strives to improve cultural awareness and behaviors in situations that are characterized by cultural dierences given before the commencement of the assignment, it focuses on training expatriates, employees or managers and their families to prepare them for a strong start in the host location, thereby maximizing productivity and minimizing settling time.

  • Our pre - departure and cross-cultural training for the employee and family
    Prepares them to understand the common course of culture shock and to understand the background of the host country.
    Teaches them the characteristics of their own culture, which will aect their behavior and then help them develop cultural intelligence.
    The training would help them build up conīŦdence level and interaction skill when entering a new culture.